The Current Method

Liquid pharmaceuticals are stored in sealed glass ampules or other storage devices that require filtration. To gain access to the pharmaceuticals, the ampule is opened by snapping the glass neck, consequently, glass shards may be produced, which must be removed from the pharmaceuticals prior to injection. This is a multi step process requiring a filter needle or filter straw, in addition to a hypodermic needle. The glass shards are removed by drawing up the pharmaceutical through a filtered needle or straw secured to the end of the syringe. Once the solution is in the syringe, the filter needle is removed from the syringe and a new needle is attached to the syringe in order to administer the pharmaceuticals.

The multi step process is fraught with risks; Contamination from handling creates a risk of sepsis; Changing the needle delays treatment in time-sensitive situations; Extra packaging for two needles is wasteful; Finally, a single needle solution would decrease the risk of needle sticks and errors by healthcare providers who don’t have readily available filter needles or those trying to cut corners by not complying with safe practice measures. It also cuts time, storage space and medical waste in half.

The CarrTech Method

CarrTech has developed and patented a safer, cheaper, greener solution: The FROG™ filter. 

The CarrTech FROG™ filter is a single in line filter and needle all in one package. it is comprised of an outer cap, an inner filter cover, ( hermetically sealed according to ISO certified and FDA guidelines, ) and an inner hypodermic needle. It represents a novel one step process that decreases the risk of errors, sepsis,and waste. A single assembly contains both the filter and the needle that will be used to inject the liquid payload. Once filtered liquid payload is loaded into the syringe, the cap is removed. The filter is located at the tip of the needle.


The filter needle is inserted into the broken ampule and the drug solution is drawn up into the syringe. Once safely in the syringe, the outer filter is removed, giving way to a new sterile hypodermic needle ready for injection.

The filter needle is designed to reduce dead volume. Dead volume is the volume within the filtered needle cap that is filled with liquid payload that does not enter the open end of the needle. Dead volume is a waste of the expensive liquid payload. The liquid in the dead volume is discarded with the filtered needle cap. Dead volume is reduced by sealing around the needle near the open end of the needle to prevent liquid payload from getting beyond the seal.

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