Is the FROG™ Filter Needle Patented?

Yes, CarrTech owns US Patents Nos. 8,002,751-B2, 9,669,164-B2, and 10,512,728. Additionally, CarrTech owns Canadian Patent No. 2947955.

How often are glass ampules used by medical professionals?

An estimated 50% of all medical solutions are available in glass ampules. This includes Vitamin K that every newborn receives, paralytic drugs in intubation kits, epinephrine, and certain strengths of many narcotics including Fentanyl. This number is rapidly growing due to current drug shortages.

In addition, there are approximately 2 million needle stick injuries each year, which cost hospitals upwards of $850 million to treat. Couple the amount of time that is wasted, which equates to about $5 billion, and hospitals unnecessarily waste up to $6 billion each year.

Needle Market Global Forecast

  • Filter needles encompass 10% of the needle industry.
  • Smithers Apex estimates the market for filter needles will grow from $3.5 billion in 2014 to $4.6 billion in 2019, with a compounding annual growth rate of 5.6%.
  • The filter needle global market growth 6.9 % CAGR in the next 5 years. This growth is lead by Asia, Pacific, then North America, then Europe, and finally the Middle East.
  • US filter needle market over the next 5 years: $136 million at CAGR 7.5%.

Pharmaceutical Glass Ampoules Global Forecast

  • The pharmaceutical glass ampoule market growth is at 7.5% CAGR from 2019-2027.
  • The estimated global market value is $4 billion US.
  • The rising high demand from the Asia Pacific and Europe are expected to boost the market growth.

COVID-19 Repercussions

  • As a result of COVID-19, the CAGR of the Needle Market is expected to rise over 8%, which is equal to about $4 billion.

What Are Some Common Uses Of Your Needles?

A 2012 presentation at a southeastern nurse conference  revealed that 85% of anesthesia providers use ampules in practice. 61% do not use filter needles and 69 % indicated that filter needles were not available. 86% of anesthesia providers were not aware of the policy or protocol requiring filter needles to be used with glass ampules. (Anesthesia Safety: Filter Needle Use with Glass Ampules- Debran L. Harmon University of North Florida-Jacksonville, FL December 2014)

An estimated 60% of all medical solutions are available in glass ampules, including Vitamin K, epinephrine, many paralytic drugs, and an increasing rate of narcotics. The CarrTech Filter Needle offers a safer, cheaper, greener solution to the current two-needle method.

How can I learn more about purchasing the FROG™ Filter Needle?

You can reach out and get in touch with us using the information listed on our contact page.