Hi there! I am Sue Carr, a clinical hospital pharmacist. I have been in the industry for over 30 years. I saw a problem a long time ago as a pharmacy technician while attending pharmacy school and it still exists. The problem is that the current system for filtering injectable ampoule-based medication is both unsafe and complicated that can have serious consequences for both patients and HCP. I founded CarrTech LLC, a medical device company, when I solved the problem.  I built and patented the only all in one package, one needle filter that safer, quicker, easier, and greener. It is over a $2 billion global market. My amazing team of veteran pharmacists and business strategists who, like me, are dedicated to medication preparation safer.  I am but one person with one idea but if I can save one life, then my journey has been worth it.

The Core Team

Get to know CarrTech's experienced and diverse team!

John Nowell

John is an experienced Senior Executive with a demonstrated history of accomplishment working in austere high risk/high payoff environments. He is skilled in Business Planning, Operations Management, Emergency Management, IT Strategy, and Acquisition Integration. His cultural and language skills include fluency in Russian, German, Italian, and Bulgarian. John is comfortable leading, managing, and training teams under conditions of uncertainty and high stress. Prior to CarrTech, John held positions at companies such as Akeso Ventures, Human Venture Group, and the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI). Recent Top Secret Clearance.

John Brzezenski
Chief Financial Officer

Extensive experience in business operations and marketing growth with innovative medical devices. Located in the Boston area. Partner of J. Locke & Co. Principle of Tempo Advisors, and member of Launchpad Venture group. Innovation-focused senior business professional with diverse experience in investment, advisory, and operating management roles in technology, industrial, and services companies across all stages of the company life cycle.

Sue Carr
Founder and President

30 years of experience in the pharmacy industry. Worked for CVS as a retail pharmacy manager and team leader for 17 years and opened a new store in Upper Montgomery County, Maryland. Skilled at both management and clinical pharmacology. Brings her expertise, leadership, and passion to ensure success.

John Nazarro
Vice President

Pharmacist and consultant based in Maryland, recently having completed 50 years of experience in the profession. spent 24 years on Active Duty with the US Navy. Introduced Pharmacy Automation within the Department of Defense (DoD). Skilled at Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacy Computer Systems Management and Sales, and Mail Order Pharmacy Operation.

Terri Lopatka

Has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Recently retired from day shift pharmacy supervisor at a hospital in Silver Spring, a position she held for the past 5 years. Responsibilities included clinical evaluations of medication to ensure every patient and healthcare provider receives the best optimal care and best practices. Coordinated the day shift operations by utilizing her available staff by delegating tasks accordingly. Her past experience also includes FDA compliance officer and she worked as a pharmacist at NIH.

Gary Lopez
Chief Technology Officer

Software engineer and cybersecurity researcher. Holds a double degree in Biochemistry and Computer Science, and a Masters in Cybersecurity. Ran TinyCode, a technology startup focused on bringing communications to hard-to-reach areas. Successfully started a restaurant in Frederick, MD, and exited within two years. Helps with technology-related needs CarrTech has.

Christopher Pondoc
Chief of Staff

Freshman at Stanford University. Started his own technology company, Vita EDO, which connected hundreds of students to employers and jobs. Conducted research at the National Cancer Institute and recently published a paper on deep learning and histopathology. Teacher and Curriculum Developer at local Test Prep Center. Develops content strategy, helps support technological needs and supports every part of the business lifecycle.

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Of course, CarrTech would not be where it is without the help of amazing advisors!

Dr. Eric Edwards
Serial Entrepreneur
Kathie Callahan Brady
Director of Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI)
Patricia Royak
CEO of Royak Consulting, Salisbury University
Richard Hughen
TEDCO Advisor


Lastly, CarrTech would like to thank the following organizations for all of their efforts!