The FROG™ filter requires only one step and is  50 % faster than traditional two step filter needles. this makes the FROG™ better in time sensitive situations.



The FROG™ eliminates the risk of contamination and needle sticks injuries that occur using  traditional hypodermic needles. This saves healthcare facilities money



The FROG™ includes an outer filter cover  and an inner hypodermic needle all in one package and one step. Half the packaging equals half the medical  waste and half the storage space . This makes the FROG™ friendlier to the environment.

The CarrTech FROG™ Filter

The problem is the current method to filter medications packaged in glass ampules is both unsafe and complicated. CarrTech has solved these problems by building the FROG™, an acronym for “Filter Removal of Glass.” It is The only all in one package filter and hypodermic needle combined.  The FROG™ eliminates 3 dangerous steps where needle sticks and wasted time occur, during the filtering of medications packaged in glass ampoules. The FROG™  will replace the current multi-needle multi-step process, saving time and money. Want to learn more? Click here to learn more about our needles and company story.


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