The FROG filter requires only one step and is faster than traditional two step filter needles, making them better in time sensitive situations.



The FROG reduces the risk of contamination and needle sticks that can more readily occur with traditional hypodermic needles.



The FROG includes an outer filter straw and an inner hypodermic needle all in one package, and one step. Less packaging and waste makes them friendlier to the environment.

The CarrTech FROG Needle

The CarrTech FROG filter is a one step process that will replace the current two step process and need for separate filter straws or filter needles and a hypodermic needles. Watch the video below to see two medical professionals try the traditional way then try the CarrTech FROG filter for the first time, or click here to learn more about our needles and company story.


How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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